Selected Projects By Julian Bleecker

Another Spatial Annotation Project

Proximity, Place, WiFi and Digital Art

Warning: This Is Not The Web Without Wires

Constructing Haiku from the names of WiFi Hot Spots.
Pussy Weevil
Reactive Screen-based Character Living In Your Wall
PDPal, Walker Art Center

PDPal, Eyebeam Edition
Visual Haiku on your PDA
PDPal, Times Square Edition
Map Times Square
Contagious Media Catalog
Mobile DNA
Mapping the Mobile and WiFi Lifestyle.

*MTV Ringtone Store
Download ringtones to your *MTV phone

Little No
Pioneer V7400 DVD decks, sensor controlled.

*MTV Mobile Phone Apps

Pet Rockstar
Role-Playing On Your Mobile Phone.

vh1 2 go Hear Music First Mobile Phone Apps